Innovative waste management

Sensonio is redefining the way waste is managed. Our solution combines smart level ultrasonic filling sensors that monitor waste in real time with the help of advanced software. Sensonio provides both cities and businesses with analytics that can be used to make data-driven decisions in improving waste collection methods, pickup frequencies and vehicle loads. Proven Sensonio solutions reduce waste collection costs by at least 30% and urban carbon emissions by up to 60%

Intelligent Analytics

Our analytics and reporting tool enables users to capture ‘big data’ and make data-driven decisions. The tool prepares various types of statistics, reports and measurements related to the monitored containers and their contents, capture analyzes and collection path analyzes.

Make data-driven decisions

Get valuable insights and truly understand the waste you manage.

Smart waste management system


The robust cloud-based platform allows the customer to configure, monitor and manage daily waste management. In addition to real-time monitoring of waste, the tool can also plan optimal collection methods and semi-automatic navigation.

Remote administration

Remote waste management via mobile applications for the operator, driver and citizen.

Intelligent route planning


The intelligent route planning function automatically manages waste collection methods based on accurate predefined data about fleets, warehouses and landfills. It improves assembly vehicle use and route planning and helps you find the most time and cost efficient operation.

Fleet management efficiently

Data-driven waste management uses resources when and where they are needed in real time.

Smart sensors

The Sensonio Corporation produces two types of ultrasound sensors that can monitor any type of waste in bins of various types and sizes. They are strong, water and shock resistant and can be connected to all available IoT and / or GSM networks. The sensors are designed, developed and manufactured by Sensonio

Watch for waste in bins

Get real-time data on fill levels in crates.

​Citizen application


Citizens can access the data using Sunsonyo sensors and sensors via the free “Citizen App” from Sunonyo. The mobile app notifies people about waste levels in all monitored bins and enables them to find the closest available empty container for specific waste types, including directions to the bins. Available for Android and iOS.

Involving citizens in managing the smart waste system

By reporting reviews in real-time, citizens are making their cities greener, clean and free of waste