Track your fleet activity using the Tawasul fleet management system that reduces time, cuts fuel costs and increases productivity

Fleet Management benifits


Increased productivity

Get things done faster and more proactively. Watch the drivers and make sure they are performing how they are supposed to do

Increase customer satisfaction

Finding vehicles close to the customer’s location helps improve productivity resulting in a fast response rate

Reducing operating costs

We help you closely monitor all parts of your business so that everything runs efficiently and with low operating costs.

Increased security

By monitoring driver behaviors and speed limits. You will be able to protect it everyone on the road

Saving fuel costs

By speed control. Slowdown and more fuel consumption activities you will be able to control until you spend only what is necessary.

Improve conduction

Our work orders and routing apps, along with our mobile apps, will help in upgrading the uptime

Monitor business hours

Tools like our time sheet report and our driver log will help you keep track of real working hours and avoid untapped labor

Reducing insurance costs

Insurance policies give you discounts for using a vehicle tracking system and owning a vehicle tracking device

Complete fleet management

Real-time monitoring and management of your vehicles

Solutions by sector

We’d love to help you take care of your business. We know it’s not about what kind of information your business has, but it’s about how to make a real difference. We have designed our products and services to provide information about how your business vehicles are used; Our services will help you reach your destination in the safest and most cost-effective ways.


Create optimal routes for your deliveries and balance tare load ratios

Equipment and machinery

Get complete visibility into operating and maintaining all of your lifting machines

Transport services

Assign your passengers to the bus and stopover and get to know the passengers on the road


Track the location and performance of your construction vehicle

Enterprise fleet

A comprehensive solution to manage all aspects of fleets

Car Rental

A customized solution to meet the specific needs of rental companies