School Bus Tracking

Tawasul – In School Bus Ensures Student Safety


There is nothing more troublesome for the parent when they know that their children have not arrived home from school. It’s essential to get a school bus tracking system installation this will ensure that students are safe, parents will have peace of mind and schools can add value to educational services. The ability to track your school buses at any moment means that you can locate the driver and students more quickly.

Save Time, Fuel, Money, and Optimal Paths


Organize and schedule school bus routes with all stop points in a single line will help you save fuel. You can avoid wrong turns and traffic jams when setting up the schedule. Buses are never late to reach school. It also helps parents and children, since they can avoid long waiting hours for school buses to get to their bus stop. Imagine the value you can add to your services if parents can track the progress of the flight in real time?

Ensure the Safety of Students during and after the Ride


There is nothing more disturbing for parents than waiting for their children to gather at the bus stop and then realize that the child is not on the bus. What if you discover that the child did not board the bus when the flight started? School bus tracking is not only a real-time bus tracking, but it ensures the safety and security of students, ensuring that the student safely boards the bus, at school or home.

Peace of Mind for Parents


As child abduction increases every day, providing student safety values for parents helps you raise your school’s reputation to new heights. Allow parents to track the school bus in real time using a desktop, laptop or even a desktop microphone and receive alerts for each event (student access to school, bus ride, etc.) and stay stress-free throughout the day.

Prevention of Abductions of Children


Using communication technology with RFID cards helps you keep your children safe. An advanced communication device may confirm whether the child has ridden and boarded the wrong bus. Knowing that children have mounted the right bus and moves to the correct location provide a guarantee for parents that their children are safe. If there are any unusual events (getting off at the wrong parking spot, not taking the bus from school, etc.), parents will receive instant notifications.

Assess Behavior in Leadership and Reduce Risk


Tragic stories of school bus accidents are frequent these days. Is this a good idea to monitor the performance of your school bus drivers on the road all the time? With driver identification devices configured for communication devices, you can receive vehicle acceleration alerts, hard braking, sudden acceleration or sharp turn. You can identify a reckless driver and take quick action to avoid accidents.