Support for attached services

Fleet control is no longer limited to the vehicle’s location and path only but has now included many other services that are provided with additional sensors such as (load temperature sensor – door opening and closing sensor – driver recognition device – weight measurement sensor – emergency and emergency button … etc.), the importance of which varies according to the activity of the fleet owner

Advantages of Tawasul Plus system


Driver ID

Driver behavior

Route comparison

Truck steering

Earth Senstivity

Fuel card integration

Vehicle maintenance reminders

Route comparison

Truck steering

Moniter equipment inventory

Send directions to the derivers

configure text / email alert

Determine the vehicle profile

Color-coded scorecard

Real time positioning of the vehicle

Roadside assistance

Vehicle tracks and history

Geofance / teacher alert

Dynamic street view

Electronic residence for hours


Temperature monitoring

Take off power

Unlimited data storage

Real-time weight control

Tawasol Plus system works on all devices